MyDreamVR is a VR studio focused on making immersive experiences, games and software.
Virtual Room Simulator with 360 Desktop
VR Toolbox  combines home entertainment in one VR toolset: gaming, media, multitasking, streaming, space customization. 
  • Create your own massive screens to operate your PC and gaming, combining live streaming, social elements, and native Twitch integration.
  • Create and personalize your VR space with built-in props and rooms, drag-and-drop functionality, and personal images to easily decorate your environment.
  • Play local files or YouTube360 in 4K with one click to experience 360-degree video entertainment.
  • Engage Focus Mode to boost immersion and readability, easily switching between screens.
  • Blended Reality offers seamless real-world observation in your VR experiences (Vive only). Additional webcam screens provide area awareness.
  • Fast performance and low overhead frees your system resources for where you need them.
 VR Toolbox requires hand controllers.

For a full list of features please go to:

Available now on Steam. Free fully functioning demo available now!
A Game for Virtually Everyone
CANDY SQUAD is a sweet, energy-packed experience featuring controllerless “gaze-based” gameplay. All that's required is head movement. So enjoy single-player or party mode, hands free, no matter your age. Battle the Chomps with your Candy-Crushing Mallet and smack them down one-by-one in order to save the marshmallows on Candy Island. This is a game for virtually everyone!