MyDream Press Kit

CEO: Allison Huynh,

Company background 
Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, MyDream Interactive is a pioneering studio specializing in virtual reality and cutting edge app development. Designed by an eclectic team of game designers in collaboration with graphics experts,  MyDream Interactive was founded by Allison Huynh with the mission of promoting the 3 Cs: Creativity, Collaboration  and Courage in virtual reality and the virtual world of gaming.

Product Descriptions
VR Toolbox  combines home entertainment in one VR toolset: gaming, media, multitasking, streaming, space customization. 
  • Create your own massive screens to operate your PC and gaming, combining live streaming, social elements, and native Twitch integration.
  • Create and personalize your VR space with built-in props and rooms, drag-and-drop functionality, and personal images to easily decorate your environment.
  • Play local files or YouTube360 in 4K with one click to experience 360-degree video entertainment.
  • Engage Focus Mode to boost immersion and readability, easily switching between screens.
  • Blended Reality offers seamless real-world observation in your VR experiences (Vive only). Additional webcam screens provide area awareness.
  • Fast performance and low overhead frees your system resources for where you need them.
School canceled? No problem! Now you can embark on a learning adventure from home with your new pals, the Adoraboos! Play minigames to build your vocabulary, then put those skills to the test solving assertion tests in a friendly balloon-popping battle.

Gain levels in subjects such as SAT prep, Computer Operations, Blockchain, Cyber Security, Social and Emotional Learning, and Networking, in order to unlock more words and earn more stickers for your customizable Sticker Book collection!

Our unique platform makes learning about blockchain easy with a mobile-friendly educational experience that’s based on P.L.A.Y.
  • Play: problem-solving minigames and fun creature battles for teaching content
  • Learn: vocabulary and concepts for a variety of topics
  • Advance: in the game by unlocking new NFT creatures
  • Yield: NFTs that can be earned through gameplay!